Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar - Our Christmas Tree

      At our house we use artificial trees even though I would love to use a natural one. They always smell like Christmas to me. From my point of view the tree is huge. It stands 7'4" and is really pretty with all the lights on when its dark. My Oma decorated the tree while I put on one of my Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments. I believe my ancestors used real pine trees. They were probably not as festive and pretty as ours now a days, but I'm guessing that was Christmas to them.

I know my great-grandmother, Elfriede had a natural tree for most of her life. In the last ten to fifteen years, she had an artifical tree, which is the tree you see here in the photo above. My great-grandmother always made Christmas special and now my Oma is following in her footsteps.


  1. The photo you took of our tree is so pretty, Emma! I hope that we make lots of memories together for the generations to come and that they get a sense of our beautiful Christmas traditions handed down from Oma-Oma.

    A wonderful post sweetie . . . great job!

  2. Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing!